About us

Our company is located in a closed area of about 1200 square meters with expert staff specialized in the production and sales of brake and clutch hose assemblies. Our specialized staff and know-how provide the advantage of capturing high quality at real cost and reflecting it to our customers. Our company which is serving to many domestic and foreign companies, sells products that gain personality of the product, strengthen the image of the company and provide the advertisement of the product and play the role of user preference. In today's society, there is an understanding that the consumer should be protected, the quality assured by the manufacturer. We also aimed to sell quality products that could be used by our customers without any doubt. Since 1982, our biggest aim in terms of our market experience is to continue to the way we have followed until now, "Quality service with quality product understanding!". For the automotive sector; LIMA HORTUM SAN. & TIC. Ltd. Sti. is a company with more than 35 years of experience in the field of automotive brake hoses, hydraulic hoses, clutch hoses, agricultural vehicles and heavy vehicle hoses and union multipurpose hoses. with its vision, develops its product range more and more every day.

"Made in Turkey" is not only a slogan, but also quality discourse for the LIMA HORTUM SAN. & TIC. Ltd. Sti.. During our continuous product development, thanks to our newly added global customers, we continue to increase our total product range significantly and continuously and invest in the modernization of our machinery park. LIMA HORTUM SAN. & TIC. Ltd. Sti., which operates in the main industry and local spare parts aftermarket, continuously develops its product range for domestic and imported vehicle brake and hydraulic hoses produced under the original parts standards. As the sub-product, using the best quality raw materials and steels suited to customers spects, global automotive specifications, manufacturing union group products; It also provides support for the product group by machining parts such as square, banjo, ring, intermediate grommets, welded grommets, twisted pipe grommets, etc., as well as various metal accessories. Not only in Turkey but all over the world our company who aims to reach the current level of quality, has begun its quality works with ISO 9001, than ISO / TS16949, and continues with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality management certificates. LIMA HORTUM SAN. & TIC. Ltd. Sti.,located in the anatolian side of İstanbul City, is currently making its the production in 1200 m2 closed area in its self-owned building. LIMA HORTUM SAN. & TIC. Ltd. Sti. İs actually the leader aftermarket supplier in Turkey, and keeping in the forefront the quality and service of the local market. Also LIMA HORTUM SAN. & TIC. Ltd. Sti.’s current customers in Italy, Germany, Sweden, England, Poland, Greece and Sweden and many more keeps our business getting bigger and divers every other year.