• To produce hoses and pipe assemblies of high quality and high value added in the automotive sector in accordance with customer needs;
  • Being a long-term supplier for our customers with our highly motivated, responsible and environmentally conscious, expert staff with a sense of sustainability;
  • From an innovative point of view, making a difference in the automotive and other possible nearby sectors and meeting all expectations of the industry.

To become a global company that grows with the aim of leadership and develops with timely investments.

Our values

All of our activities are based primarily on focusing on customer demands. We make production with the highest quality for the major automotive brands of the world. Our values reflect our way of managing our company, our business ethics rules that we use in communication with our business partners, our employees and the society. supplier of major automotive brand in Europe and Turkey, which hose Lima, the manufacturing program with flexible production concept is committed to delivering to customer needs in the shortest possible time. Our company, which stands out as a reliable organization in the sector, operates as a long term supplier of customers with confidence.

  1. Focus
  2. Responsibility and Sustainability
  3. Fair Behavior
  4. Transparency and Trust
  5. Initiative and Stability
  6. Compliance with the Law
  7. Innovative Thinking
Lima Misyon